Leeds Data Recovery Services

mac-data-recovery-leedsMany of us have been their, you turn you Macbook or iMac on one day only to find the start up Apple logo replaced by a flashing folder. If this has happened to you, then what this means is that the computer is unable to find the start up folder. Other indications of drive failure is can include, but is not limited to: blue screen on start up, spinning beach ball on your desktop frequently, red critical errors on disk check in Apple’s “Disk Utility“.

Losing your data is one of the most worrying issues to plague  not only a Mac user, but a PC user as well. If your Macbook or iMac brakes down its inconvenient, but its no where near as worrying as the potential of loosing all your data like, pictures, documents, and even your iTunes movie library.
We always tell our customers to always backup there Mac, it is so important, and with Apple’s Time Machine app  following OS X 10.5 their is no longer any excuses to do so.

Here at Mac repair Leeds we are able to recover data all the way up to mechanical failure. This includes hard drives that are making clicking sounds, or not powering up at all. In these cases the hard drive will need to be dismantled, and the a donor drive will need to be located in order for the restoration process to begin.

red crossHowever we find that most of the time we are able to say your data prior to full mechanical breakdown. The best advice we can offer is, if you find any of the above issues are effected the performance of your Macintosh desktop computer or laptop. Stop what you are doing, don’t continue to mess around with it as your’ll risk loosing data. Give us a call, or send us an email. We are only too happy to offer free advice prior to any work we carry out.  For a professional opinion, and expert advice when it comes to Mac data recovery in Leeds, call us today on 0113 314 1611