Leeds Mac Repair Services

Mac Repair Leeds offer an extensive range of Apple Mac repair & consultation services, from basic networking, to installation and troubleshooting. This can be in your home or office. Mac repair Leeds can offer  bespoke services designed and tailored to suit your individual needs. Our services include hardware repairs and upgrades on most of the Apple range, including all laptops, desktops, old and new.


Professional Apple Mac repair, support and consultancy services aimed at the Leeds’s community. We cover a wide range of Mac support services, and our focus is on fast, professional, affordable expert repair and support services. We understand the needs of home or small business Apple Mac user in and around the Leeds, West Yorkshire area.

As the popularity of the Macbook and iMac products have grown, so has the competition the repair the items. Unlike many side street PC repair shops we have been in the Apple repair business for over 10 years, are experience is vast, not only on new modern Macbook Pros, Macbook Airs, and iMac’s, but also with vintage Macintosh models. We are one of the only outfits that still support the classic vintage iBook, Powerbook, and Power Mac models.

OS X upgrades old and new are covered by us. If your Macintosh OS is out of date we are still able to offer upgrades to you model even if its vintage. We can provide software upgrades from 10.3 to 10.8 OS X.

imac-repair-leedsHere at Mac Repair Leeds we offer professional services. We specialise only in the repair and upgrade of Mac products, and all services we carry out are backed up by our 90 days warranty as standard. We only use original Apple parts, and in many cases are costs are far less than going direct. We are able to keep the price down of your Mac repair by sourcing the parts directly from the factories and rebuilding or replacing damaged parts at the most cost effective option. All our repairs are carried out by a professional Macintosh technician, with many years experience in the Apple repair industry.

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For any questions, advice, or support please feel free to contact us or call us on 0113 314 1611 today.