iBook Repair Services

iBook-repair-leedsThe classic iBook G3, pharmacy and the iBook G4 is one of the most popular vintage Apple laptops ever. Becoming more rare as the years go by, but from time to time we still get asked to repair and support the iBook. Not too many things go wrong with the iBook. Some of the more common issues over the years include, the internal power ac cable fails, the hard drive needs replacing, the keyboard needs replacing.

Whatever the issue maybe, here at Mac doctor in Leeds, we still have you covered. Apple no longer make new parts for the iBook, so we have to source second hand ones, or refurbished. Its becoming harder to find quality parts, but not impossible.


Whatever the issue with your classic iBook, get in touch to see how we can still help you. The iBook is still a popular laptop, even though its over 8 years old now believe it or not. It was from the iBook, the Macbook was born.

For a high quality repair by professionals with years of experience with Apple products, contact us today on 0113 314 1611.