Leeds iMac Repair Services

Are you looking fro iMac repair Leeds services? The iMac is a fantastic peace of kit. But from time to time issues do arise, when they do its good to know theirs a company out there that can assist you, and at a price you can afford.


Some of the more common repair issues we face with the iMac include hard drive failure, power supply failure, and on the older models like the G5 we come across graphics chip failure.
If you are one of those old school iMac owners with the original G5 iMac and you have just noticed vertical lines down your screen, or a black screen on start up  then its probably time for a new iMac. However! If you just can’t be parted with your iMac G5 we can still help. We have a range of solutions to address this issue. Here at Mac repair leeds we are still able to source vintage iMac parts. Parts for the iMac G4 and G5 we are still able to track down, although it is becoming more difficult these days, it is still possible. If your iMac is a vintage model and you require assistance, please give us a call on 0113 314 1611

More recently the most common iMac models we see are from 2008 onwards. It was around this time Apple had moved over to the aluminium frame version of the iMac. So if your iMac needs a good service like ram upgrades, or a bigger hard drive we are able to help. Here at Mac repair Leeds we are also able to upgrade the OS.

If you missed out on the upgrades 10.6 Snow Leopard, and 10.8 Mountain Lion, we are still able to upgrade you. We are also able to still upgrade vintage iMacs like the original G4, G5, Core Duo, and Core 2 Duo. We can still install and update your system with 10.4 Tiger, and 10.5 Leopard. For a full ist of service and upgrade options please use our contact form, or call us on the number above.

Data Recovery is another popular issue we have to deal with on a regular basis. If your iMac is only booting to a grey screen, if your getting a flashing folder on start up, maybe its booting to only a blue screen, or not getting past the Apple boot up logo. If this is the case then you more than likely have a hard drive issue. We are able to assist in most hard drive failure situations. Like anything else, if you find you are suffering from any of the above boot up issues, try not to mess with it too much as you will risk losing all of your data if the drive fully fails. There is a big price difference between minor head damage to the drive, to full mechanical failure, contact us for the Best iMac repair leeds services.

Some of our Service include:

• iMac Screen Repair / Replacement

• iMac Hard Drive Replacement / Upgrade
• iMac Memory Replacement / Upgrade
• iMac Virus / Ad-Ware / Spy-Ware Removal Services
• iMac Hard Drive Data Recovery
• iMac Hard Drive Data Transfer
• iMac Logic Board Repair / Replacement
• iMac Software Installation
• iMac Optical Drive Repair / Replacement

Here at Mac Repair Leeds we cover all of west Yorkshire, and North Yorkshire for Macintosh repairs and support. We are on call 7 days a week, and our prices are some of the most competitive around. We try to keep our fees around 50% less than direct. We source many of our parts direct from the factories, this allows us to keep the prices low. Unlike Apple direct we are able to repair iMacs from the ground up, where in many cases Apple direct will only replace the full parts.
As well as all the above iMac services provided, we also provide repairs for less common issues. Issues like faulty Airport Wi-Fi cards, and internal CD/DVD super drives.

One of the most common issues with the modern iMac’s is the graphics chip failure. This is a problem that has plagued the iMac models for many years. The good thing about the 2008 onwards iMac’s is you can now just replace the graphics chip and not the whole logic board. This is still a major job, but a lot less expensive than a full logic board replacement. If you are suffering from lines down the screen, distortion to the LCD, or just black on start up , then it might be time to replace the internal graphics chip.

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We offer the highest quality iMac repair leeds style services. If your suffering from any of the above issues, or something completely different then get in touch today. We are always happy to offer free advice to our customers. For all iMac related repair and support issues in Leeds, call us today on 0845 2694097

For the the best iMac repair in leeds, call us today.