Leeds Mac Pro Repair Services

The Mac Pro is the flag ship desktop compute by Apple. Out of all the Macs we see the Mac Pro is the one we see the least.  That does not mean its without its faults. An issue we still come across with the Mac Pro is graphic card failures, and power supply failures.

mac-pro-repair-leedsHere at Mac Repair Leeds we area able to address these issues promptly should they arise. It can be quite difficult to track down pre 2007 graphics cards these days, but not impossible. Symptoms of a faulty graphics card include a black screen on start up, or vertical lines down the screen.

Besides repairs to the Mac Pro we also offer upgrades to the ram and hard drives, and we also offer a Mac Pro service. This includes cleaning out the dust, running software diagnostic, and offering a few performance upgrades. The ram is still very expensive on the Mac Pro, it is a fact that the Mac Pro’s ram is the most expensive of all Macintosh models.

The Mac Pro had 4 internal hard drive bays, and here at Mac repair Leeds we are able to offer some great configurations and backup solutions using Apple’s Time Machine, or Super Duper.

Besides the above we are able to also replace internal DVD super drives, Blue Ray drives, and Airport and Bluetooth cards. The Mac Pro is Apple’s flag ship Macintosh computer and mostly only found in design studios, music production studios, as well as used by many professionals that require more power for their day to day work.

Here are Mac repair Leeds in Yorkshire we take pride in all of our repairs. With over 10 years experience with Apple computers, we are ideally suited to address all your Mac Pro needs. We are also one of the only out fits that offer on site support and repairs to your Mac Pro. No waiting , no lugging a large Mac Pro around. A call out service is important for our business customers in and around Leeds. Over the years we have assisted 100′s of local businesses in west Yorkshire on site, and we can help you too.

If your suffering from a Mac Pro related support or repair issue, or if you need a good service or upgrade then drop us a line on 0113 314 1611 today. One of our expert technicians are always standing by to assist you. Our team of technicians are also available weekends and evening for your convenience.

•Mac Pro Hard Drive Replacement / Upgrade
• Mac Pro Memory Replacement / Upgrade
• Mac Pro Power Supply Replacement
• Mac Pro Hard Drive Data Transfer
• Mac Pro Logic Board Replacement
• Mac Pro Software Upgrades
• Mac Pro Optical Drive Replacement

red crossFor a full list of services we offer for business customers, as well as coverage for the Mac Pro, please feel free to get in touch with us on the above telephone number. All repairs we carry out are backed up by  90 days warranty on all parts and labour. All services are professionally carried out by our expert technicians in Leeds.